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The Most Cost-Effective Real Estate Solutions for Energy Projects

Supporting Energy Since 1980

Better Results with Less Resources

We combine local title and acquisition agents with veteran project managers and a suite of customizable technology solutions to provide cost-effective Right-of-Way services.

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Delivering Energy Through Land

Why Dudley?

We're The Most Efficient Partner For Your Project

Quick Mobilization

We leverage our national network of experienced local agents to start and complete your project faster than our competitors can.

Streamlined Costs

We can scale up or down for your project as needed to streamline costs. Only keep resources on your project if necessary.

Customizable Tech

By working with the best technology vendors in the world, we offer our clients the tech solutions they need, customized to their project.

Utility Projects

Electrical Infrastructure

We offer end-to-end solutions for greenfield & rebuild, overhead & underground, and encroachment mitigation projects across the nation. With experienced local land agents in every region and a dedicated project manager, we'll make your electrical infrastructure project a success.

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Pipeline Infrastructure

Our veteran project managers are experienced in streamlining pipeline infrastructure projects for clients across the nation. We cover everything from greenfield & rebuild, overhead & underground, and encroachment mitigation with local land agents to ensure your project is done right.

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Our Experience

Key Projects For Utilities

Title Exam & Curative

Due Diligence

Negotiation & Leasing for ROW

Surface Land


Regulatory & Pooling Support

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Lead Origination

Hydrogen Development

Greenfield & Rebuild Projects

Overhead & Underground Systems

Encroachment Mitigation

Siting & Routing Support

Non-Environmental Permitting

Construction Support

Condemnation Support

Fast. Effective. Custom.

Available Where & When You Need Us

With veteran project managers working out of our hubs and local land agents across the nation, we're prepared to staff up or down for your infrastructure project no matter where it is. We'll provide you with the resources you need and help you staff down as your project requires less man power.

Have you completed utilities projects before?

Yes, many. We've successfully completed over 50 electric and gas utility projects across the country.


What regions are you in?

Over our history, we’ve worked in every major region of the U.S. and have cultivated a broad network of qualified, experienced land agents. We’re especially well suited to staffing hard to staff projects anywhere in the nation.


How do you keep my project organized?

We use a project management software to provide daily updates about our progress and share documents relevant to our work. You can log in anytime and communicate with your Dudley Project Manager directly through the portal.


How quickly can you gather local agents for my project?

Since 1980, we've established a solid network of qualified agents nationwide. We have a unique ability to staff in areas where others can’t, and we have the ability to scale up and scale down much quicker than other land service providers.

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