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The best way to look at a project is from start to finish. When your field, in-house, and back office teams are all on the same page, you get the most value for your company and your project. Staff from the field to the office with Dudley.
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Tired of disorganized & directionless projects? Our step-by-step process provides a clear, defined direction to set you up for success.
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Create a plan during our strategy session.
2. Identify
Identify challenges & create organized solutions.
3. Implement
Implement your holistic project roadmap.
4. Evaluate
Evaluate your project and adapt for success.


“With Dudley’s help, we reached out to thousands of landowners in a fraction of the time it would have taken our in-house team. We started signing leases months earlier than we expected.”

Lindsey M.
Project Manager

“The Dudley landmen were able to build relationships with rural landowners when our in-house team stalled out. They closed the deals that we needed to be able to move forward with the project.”

Trey N.
Project Manager

“I’m not sure why working with landmen is such a taboo in our industry. Dudley just knows how to get results and they make us so much more effective.”

Jared B.
Project Manager

"What I really liked about working with Dudley is that they anticipate what it is that I’m going to need. They are always thinking ahead."

Derek H.
Land Manager

"An issue I’ve had with other brokers is not being able to get them to respond in a timely fashion when I contact them. I have never had that issue with Dudley. They are extremely responsive. I can always rely on them. If I need something, I know I will have a response that same day."

Ann Marie T.
Land Negotiator

"Dudley’s organization is incredible. They’ve got all their processes down to a science and their updates are extremely clean. But the main thing that separates Dudley from other brokers is their ability to track everything during the project and provide clean updates with easy-to-read documents and maps to go along with them."

Patrick G.

“In over a decade of partnership with Dudley Land Company, two things have always remained the same: transparency and hard work. Dudley Land is a company you can trust, consisting of people who have the grit to get jobs done.”

Scott E.
Dudley Client

“One unique thing about Dudley is their ability to scale. If necessary, they have the resources to put a ton of landmen on a high volume, short use project.”

Jeff C.

“Every time that Dudley has done work for me, it’s always been the same: their management is knowledgeable and on top of everything and knows from experience what their clients are desiring & expecting.”

Davis S.
Dudley Client

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Easily manage your project spending with transparent cost data in the Dudley Dashboard.
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