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The Benefit Of Working With Land Agents

Our accredited land agents are experts in renewables projects and have perfected the skills you need to manage complex mineral title, complete high-volume abstracting, conduct site route analysis, and more.

After decades of working with landowners, we understand their hesitations and objections. From solar to wind and electric transmission to reforestation, we can help you get community support to complete your project successfully.
Why Dudley?

We Provide Proven Systems In An Evolving Landscape

Nationwide Staffing

Tackle any project confidently knowing we have the scalable, localized staffing you need.
Expert Negotiators
Our experienced land agents’ understanding of landowners helps build relationships & secure leases.
Lead Origination
We only spend time on high-impact lead origination activities to get you more high-quality leads.
Solutions for Renewables

Focus On What You Do Best, and Let Us Do the Rest

Our comprehensive approach helps you get the most out of your projects. From site feasibility to negotiations with landowners to verifying title, we’ll seamlessly manage your project from the initial stages through permitting.

Our Experience

Key Services For Renewables

  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Battery Storage
  • Renewable Pipeline
  • Electric Transmission
  • Pipeline ROW
  • Reforestation
  • Abstracting Support for Title
  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration
  • Mineral Title & Curative
  • Lead Origination
  • Negotiations for Leasing & ROW
  • Hydrogen Development
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Solar Utility
Efficient. Accurate. Custom

Available Where & When You Need Us

With experienced local land agents in every region, we have the capacity to partner for projects across the nation. We can efficiently staff up or down throughout your project to save you time and money.

What types of renewable energy projects does Dudley specialize in?

We’re experts in delivering energy through land, so we’ve completed energy projects of all types. Our greatest proficiency (and the reason clients partner with us again and again) is our upfront risk management. We do our due diligence so we can start every project with a thorough plan that helps us predict and avoid roadblocks along the way.


How does Dudley prioritize safety and environmental responsibility?

Our local land agents are experts in regional environmental regulations, so they know all of the issues that could impact your project. Their knowledge and experience help us build safeguards into our plan from day one so we can complete your project effectively with the most minimal impact possible on the surrounding ecosystems.


What is the process for completing a renewable energy project with Dudley?

To begin your project, get in touch! You’ll work with a dedicated Project Manager from day one through completion and beyond. Our team starts by assessing your needs and goals, then we develop a custom plan and timeline.

Next, we get to work completing your project with the latest technology and equipment. If you choose, we can also monitor your build to ensure it’s performing optimally over time.


What sets Dudley apart from other renewable energy contractors?

We’re land experts. We’ve been deftly managing land for every type of energy project for 4 decades, so no matter the challenges of your project, we’ve tackled it successfully before. Also, we have a nationwide network of expert local land agents who are the best in the business. We can easily scale the staffing up or down as each phase of your project requires so you can get the best utilization of your budget.


Let’s Talk About Your Upcoming Renewables Projects

Our innovative approach to delivering energy through land will save you time and money. If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and discuss how we can meet your needs, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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