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All Renewable Developers Have The Same Frustrations

Mineral Title

Understand your mineral exposure and avoid disputes.

Staffing Large Scale Projects

Our nationwide network of land agents can get started quickly.

High-Volume Abstracting

We partner with title companies to manage high-volume projects.
support staff

Time Consuming Lead Origination

Our land agents generate more high-quality leads for your team.
Our Experience

Key Services For Renewables

Abstracting Support for Title

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Mineral Title & Curative



Lead Origination

Renewable Pipeline

Negotiations for Leasing & ROW

ROW for Energy Transmission

Hydrogen Development

EV Charging Stations

Solar Utility


Back Office Administration


What a Dudley Partnership Provides

Mineral Title

We’re familiar with nuances in title ownership from state to state. We help you understand your mineral exposure to avoid any future issues.

Negotiation Skills

Our landmen have decades of experience. They understand rural landowners & can secure leases for ROW or carbon sequestration efficiently.

Right of Way

Get the help you need to negotiate leases so you can move forward with renewable energy transmission line projects.

Proven Systems

We have systems for entering, storing, & delivering data so your project runs smooth, communication is clear, & your margins are strong.

Lead Origination

We spend time on high-impact lead origination activities to put you in control and get more high-quality leads rather than relying on bulk mailers.

Regional Scaling

Our sizable network of regional land agents scale up or down with your project. They’re local experts who understand landowners.


Predictable Costs + Consistent Deliverables

Quality Deliverable

Mappable, clickable, clean data
Consistent product from every Dudley office

Predictable Costs

Accurate bids based on decades of work
Better manage your product spend

Efficient Turnaround

Staff quickly to meet tight timelines
Get extra support if other project areas fall behind

Broker Misconceptions

Reasons You Aren’t Already Using a Land Broker

We often hear renewables developers say they don’t need landmen because we don’t know their industry.

But lead generation, title examinations, and negotiations are our bread and butter, and we know your challenges better than you think.

Let us clear up some of the most common misunderstandings that developers have about landmen:
“We already do it in-house.”

You know the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?”

Don’t let that be you.

We’ve been doing land work at scale for decades. Let us complement your in-house staff to save you time and money.

“Landmen don’t know renewables.”

The renewable industry has been growing for years, and we haven’t been ignoring it. We’ve actively provided growth and cross-training opportunities for our landmen so they can apply the skills they’ve honed in O&G to renewables. 

Our portfolio of work includes carbon sequestration, reforestation, EV charging stations, site feasibility, solar utility, title & curative acquisition, lead origination, GIS, renewable pipeline, back office administration, and much more.

"We’re already using a title company.”

Our team complements the work your title company does. While they focus on title policy, we can focus on the work they don't do, like mineral title and notifications.

We also support their efforts by providing commercial abstracting support at scale.

“Your bid is too high.”

We get it, a low bid is appealing, but you’ll end up getting tons of change orders that drive the cost way higher than you expect. Don’t settle for that pattern. 

Our renewable cost projections are based on decades of historical data, so they're accurate for what you'll actually pay in the end. You'll know your costs upfront so you can accurately budget for the rest of the project and protect your tight margins.

Dudley Partnerships

What Our Renewables Clients Are Saying

“With Dudley’s help, we reached out to thousands of landowners in a fraction of the time it would have taken our in-house team. We started signing leases months earlier than we expected.”

Lindsey M.
Project Manager

“The Dudley landmen were able to build relationships with rural landowners when our in-house team stalled out. They closed the deals that we needed to be able to move forward with the project.”

Trey N.
Project Manager

“I’m not sure why working with landmen is such a taboo in our industry. Dudley just knows how to get results and they make us so much more effective.”

Jared B.
Project Manager

Have you completed renewables projects before?

Yes, many. Our portfolio of work includes carbon sequestration, reforestation, EV charging stations, site feasibility, solar utility, title & curative acquisition, lead origination, GIS, renewable pipeline, back office administration, and much more.


What regions are you in?

Over our history, we’ve worked in every major region of the U.S. and have cultivated a broad network of qualified, experienced land agents. We’re especially well suited to staffing hard to staff projects anywhere in the nation.


How do you keep my project organized?

We use a project management software to provide daily updates about our progress and share documents relevant to our work. You can log in anytime and communicate with your Dudley Project Manager directly through the portal.


How do I know if a land broker is qualified to work with my renewable work?

Your broker should:

  • Have experience with a variety of renewable projects in multiple regions
  • Have processes and systems to keep you updated about your project and to share clean, organized deliverables
  • Have a range of services and skills so they can adapt to the changing needs of your project
  • Have experience in leasing, negotiating, and title so they can efficiently work through every phase of your project
  • Understand landowner needs and issues in the region, value education, and be able to clearly articulate your goals and value proposition to landowners
Think Differently

Dudley Makes Your Project Easier

Working with a land broker can transform how you approach projects.

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