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TLD 025 - Produced Water Disputes with Bobby Biedrzycki

Published on
May 2, 2024
Bobby Biedrzycki
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Let's dive deep into the complexities of water rights, the landmark cactus water case, and its implications for the oil and gas industry in Texas. Join us for an insightful discussion with Bobby Biedrzycki on how these legal challenges shape the future of resource management.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 - Episode & Guest Intro
  • 01:41 - The Cactus Water Case
  • 09:27 - Exploring the Legislative and Technological Landscape of Produced Water
  • 14:55 - The Future of Lithium Extraction and Legal Guidance for Clients
  • 16:39 - Navigating Mineral Leases and Water Rights in Texas
  • 18:41 - Practical Takeaways for Handling Leases and Conveyances
  • 29:11 - Legal Strategies and the Importance of Good Counsel
  • 33:03 - Staying Informed on Water Rights and Mineral Law

Snippets from the Episode

  • "What we're seeing is technology is advancing so quickly with our ability to treat this water and they were doing tests with the cotton crops well over a decade ago, where they're saying, the treated produced water be put into agricultural use for cotton and you're getting similar cotton yields from it. And so in that kind of scenario where you're not having people, it's not being consumed by wildlife, it's not potable water at that point. Why wouldn't we use it for those kind of purposes, especially as potable and fresh water is diminishing." - Bobby
  • "In these parts of Texas where there's not a massive water table. You're talking about desert conditions. Water is a valuable thing. And obviously that's why these companies like cactus water and all that are trying seize opportunities to take advantage of all this water that's being produced and the market for it." -Brent
  • "I think the requirements on reuse of water are going to increase. So the value of that produced water is going to increase." -Bobby


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