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TLD 024 - EnergyNet: The Digital Marketplace for Land with Chris Atherton

Published on
April 18, 2024
Chris Atherton
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How is the digital age reshaping the oil and gas industry? Find out as we talk with Chris Atherton from EnergyNet about a marketplace where buying and selling land for energy production is just a click away. Think AirBnb but for oil & gas assets!

Time Stamps

  • 01:26 - Intro to Chris Atherton
  • 04:39 - Exploring EnergyNet's Impact and Services
  • 11:59 - The Challenges in Energy Land Auctions
  • 17:59 - Personal Insights and the Enron Experience
  • 21:15 - EnergyNet's Competitive Sales Process
  • 28:39 - Leveraging Big Company Strategies for Government Lease Sales
  • 39:25 - Strategic Bidding and Sealed Bid Insights
  • 43:56 - The Future of EnergyNet
  • 51:25 - Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Snippets from the Episode

  • "I think there's a perception that if you put it out, you're going to get tire kickers, you're going to get lowball bidders. But the nature of the platform [EnergyNet] and how the mechanics work, it just sifts them. The cream rises to the top." - Chris Atherton
  • "A fair, structured, competitive sale process is going to generate the best results consistently, whether there's a one-on-one sale or industry type and investment bank led sale or a government lease sale." - Chris Atherton
  • "When I say two-sided marketplace, I mean, like Zillow or even Airbnb or Uber's. We have buyers and sellers. Uber has riders and drivers and Airbnb has hosts and runners." -Chris Atherton


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