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TLD 023 - Ai for Landmen with Jerris Johnson

Published on
April 4, 2024
Jerris Johnson
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Dive into the future with us! Our latest episode with Jerris Johnson explores the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence and the landman profession. Listen now to uncover how Ai is revolutionizing the industry!

Time Stamps

  • 01:16 - Intro to Jerris Johnson
  • 02:23 - The Dawn of Ai in the Land Industry
  • 07:07 - Basics of Ai for Landmen
  • 09:51 - Practical Ai Applications in Land Management
  • 16:23 - How to Navigate the AI Tools for Landmen
  • 24:14 - The Advantage of Custom GPTs for Landmen
  • 32:03 - Leveraging Ai for Land Management Efficiency
  • 46:47 - The Future of AI in the Land Business
  • 49:50 - Final Thoughts & Takeaways

Snippets from the Episode

  • "What we're trying to figure out as a company is, how do we go about taking all this knowledge of 43 years of business and leverage it and build something that is beneficial to us and our clients that we work for and the people we work for?” - Brent Broussard
  • "I think what's really exciting is that we are truly in the infancy stage. This is just the beginning of whole new technological renaissance." - Jerris Johnson
  • "One school of thought is it [Ai] has no feelings and it doesn't care if you're saying please or thank you. The other school of thought is. When they [Ai] take over, you want them to remember that you were nice to them." - Jerris Johnson
  • "I think those who are willing to work alongside of it [Ai] are not going to become obsolete. Those who try to fight against it [Ai] might be disappointed with the outcome." - Jerris Johnson


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