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TLD 022 - Lease Buying 101 with Jimmy Hopkins

Published on
March 21, 2024
Jimmy Hopkins
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We have Jimmy Hopkins in our podcast to help us navigate the world of lease buying! Discover the secrets to building trust and mastering landowner outreach in this latest episode!

Time Stamps

  • 00:39 - Meet Jimmy: The Silver Fox of Land Management
  • 02:08 - Jimmy's Journey to Becoming a Landman
  • 06:29 - Mastering Landowner Outreach
  • 11:36 - Navigating Challenges and Building Trust
  • 19:40 - Advice for New Lease Buyers
  • 25:36 - The Importance of Being Informed
  • 28:30 - Adapting to Remote Negotiations and the Power of Technology
  • 31:31 - Strategies for Effective Leasing and Finding People
  • 34:25 - Maintaining Professionalism and Efficiency in Land Management
  • 38:09 - Accountability and Self-Sufficiency

Join us for our first Annual Landman Olympics!

Snippets from the Episode

  • "Treating people like you want to be treated and being humble about it. Don't go in there as a know it all. Gain their trust, because you have a goal to achieve. Just like anything, you got your job, you've gotta make it happen, and that goal has to fit within the confines of what your client has laid out for you." - Jimmy Hopkins
  • "Start learning everything you can about the rules and regulations so that you can accurately give these lessors the information that they need to make an informed decision on that oil and gas lease. Don't be a bullshit artist. Put in the time, man." - Jimmy Hopkins
  • "If you can get that opportunity to sit in and listen to those negotiations, it's invaluable. If you're a young guy on a crew, ask your leasing crew chief, that they're negotiating a big deal. Can I sit in and listen? Be vocal about those things." - Brent Broussard


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More from Our Hosts

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