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TLD 021 - Stealth Leasing Projects

Published on
March 7, 2024
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Let’s dive into the intriguing world of stealth leasing projects! Listen as Brent, Brandon, and Steve share their experiences and give insight into this interesting side of land management. Plus, get a sneak peek into the first annual Landman Olympics. Tune in!

Time Stamps

  • 00:42 - Episode Intro
  • 03:57 - The Curious Case of Buda Gate
  • 06:48 - The Fayetteville Shale Project
  • 14:39 - The Art of Stealth in Land Leasing
  • 18:59 - A Successful Stealth Project in the Permian
  • 20:25 - Evolution of Stealth Leasing in Recent Years
  • 23:56 - Scouting in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • 27:33 - Practical Tips for Implementing Stealth Projects
  • 33:24 - The Landman Olympics

Join us for our first Annual Landman Olympics!

Snippets from the Episode

  • "When we say stealth, it just means we're working on behalf of a client, an ENP, and they don't want the world to know that it's them. So you do that for a number of different reasons." -Brent Broussard
  • "You've never seen a more curious bunch of people than landmen working on a stealth job. They would try to trick everybody involved. You're chuckling at your landman and landowners trying to figure out who it is and speculating who it is." -Brent Broussard
  • "You don't even tell your family where you're at. You're just there and you need to stay there and work. But the key is really having that abstract plant, and finding an out-of-the-way place. It was highly successful in a time that people weren't looking in that direction, so it was easy to stay stealth." -Brandon Ward
  • "If you're gonna do a stealth project, it's probably best to use somebody like Dudley as opposed to kind of a one-off shop that's just done your work for 20 years. You better go somewhere else if you're gonna do a stealth project." -Brandon Ward


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