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TLD 019 - Dudley Select Title: Improving Title Insurance in Texas with Spencer Cearly

Published on
February 6, 2024
Spencer Cearly
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We’re excited to introduce Renewables developers to Dudley Select Title. Title for renewables projects can completed more efficiently and with more certainty by integrating title insurance with experienced land services. Listen in to learn more!

Time Stamps

  • 00:33 - Dudley's New Endeavors in Alternative Energy
  • 02:47 - The Importance of Title Insurance in Energy Projects
  • 05:05 - The Birth of Dudley Select Title
  • 05:49 - The Benefits of the Agency Model
  • 06:25 - The Challenges of the Direct Model
  • 09:18 - The Unique Approach of Dudley Select Title
  • 22:19 - The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on Business Opportunities
  • 22:52 - The Challenges and Opportunities in the Regulatory Environment
  • 30:37 - The Impact of Regulatory Orders on Project Development
  • 33:15 - The Role of Underwriters in Risk Tolerance
  • 41:19 - The Future of Dudley Select Title and its Potential for Growth

Snippets From the Episode

  • "What else do our clients need from us? How else can we serve? Title insurance is a big part of it. You know, we're largely an acquisition and title-based company. That's the services we provide. And one thing that's unique in the alternative space, and particularly with some of the large utility-scale projects that we see, you know, the big solar fields, some of the battery storage sites, the wind projects - they all get a Title policy." - Brent Broussard
  • "Our goal and what we are shooting for and what, our primary, end game is when you get that title commitment back from Dudley Select title, not only is it addressing the needs in any situation you might have with your surface ownership, but it's also gonna incorporate, the mineral title review into that process." - Brent Broussard
  • "We're being conservative about how we approach growth here. You know, we wanna do that organically. We want to do that with good partners going forward. That doesn't mean don't call us and ask us if you've got a project wherever, but we do want to ensure that we are delivering the best service. And we wanna be able to control in terms of delivering that good product back to our owners. And being that partner with them throughout the full scale of the project." - Spencer Cearly


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