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TLD 017 - Exploring Lithium Extraction from Produced Water with Reagan Marble

Published on
November 21, 2023
Reagan Marble
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Reagan Marble of Jackson Walker joins Brent and Khalil in this informative talk to dive deep into the process of lithium extraction from produced water. They explore the evolution of the lithium industry as well as lithium's potential profitability in the US market. Stay tuned!

Time Stamps

  • 02:28 - Guest Introduction
  • 03:51 - Lithium Extraction and its Importance
  • 06:04 - Battery Storage and Lithium Demand
  • 06:57 - Lithium Extraction Methods
  • 07:42 - Lithium Extraction
  • 09:12 - Direct Lithium Extraction Process
  • 14:49 - Potential of Lithium Extraction in the Future
  • 19:28 - Ownership of Brine and Constituent Elements
  • 25:24 - Current State of Lithium Extraction
  • 25:46 - The Role of Surface Owners in Lithium Extraction
  • 26:48 - The Future of Lithium as Part of the Mineral Estate
  • 27:34 - The Lithium Market in Arkansas
  • 30:21 - The Decline Curve & Lithium Extraction Process
  • 32:35 - The Economics of Lithium Extraction
  • 37:50 - Lease Structures for Lithium Extraction
  • 40:48 - Lithium Extraction in Texas
  • 46:32 - Reagan Marble's Contact Information

Snippets From Reagan Marble

  • "Lithium is important because that's the way right now we store power. We store it in batteries and cars that way in the big giant battery storage facilities that you're seeing going up throughout Texas.
  • "I really do think Texas can be the leader in it [Lithium extraction]. And I think the U. S. can be a leader across the world. And I'm excited to see the Texas economy benefit from such a future-oriented energy storage solution."
  • "The great thing about brine mining, which is the extraction of useful materials that are naturally dissolved in water of high salinity, it doesn't look any different from a surface impact than a water well that you'd see in rice irrigation farming. The surface impact is no different."
  • "If I am a betting man, I'm betting that the mineral lobby in Texas is good enough that it is going to be ultimately declared part of the mineral estate."


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