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TLD 016 - Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Sector with Josh Cornell

Published on
October 27, 2023
Josh Cornell
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Join us in this insightful conversation with Josh Cornell, a seasoned professional in the oil and gas industry, as he shares his incredible journey from starting out as a landman to becoming a key player in the Private Equity sector.

Learn about the lessons he acquired along the way that lead him to launch his own growth oil and gas company focusing on the next stage of shale resources.

Time Stamps

  • 01:14 - Guest Introduction
  • 02:40 - Josh Cornell's Career Journey
  • 15:05 - From Land Service Companies, to Public Sector, to Private Equity
  • 23:09 - Sourcing Capital Pre-COVID vs. Post-COVID
  • 32:54 - State & Federal Regulations Shifts
  • 37:52 - Effects of the Upcoming 2024 Election
  • 39:50 - A Mechanism for Growth
  • 42:27 - What to Look for in a Land Service Company
  • 47:14 - Complexities & Challeges in Due Diligence Projects
  • 50:33 - Importance of Open Communication & Clarity with a Land Service Company
  • 55:16 - Working with DLC on a Due Diligence Project

Snippets From The Episode

  • "At some point I believe that public oil and gas companies are gonna have to show investors a mechanism for growth. And um, and that usually comes in the form of either making a large acquisition into a new play or bolting onto an existing play, or, commencing a couple leasing campaigns and drilling new wells and new areas." - Josh Cornell
  • "When I got into the, the oil and gas industry, I was told by, you know, people much older than me, that you absolutely have to understand title in order to be a landman and regardless of what your role is within a land service company or public or private, you have to understand title." - Josh Cornell
  • "It really takes a in-house landman to know what they're doing with that particular unit and how quickly we need to get in there, or how competitive it is and what you really want out of it." - Brandon Ward


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