Land Management

TLD 010 - The Land Architect with Russell Shaw

Published on
April 18, 2023
Russell Shaw
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What makes a great landman and leader? In this episode, Steve Carr invites his mentor, former VP of Operations at Dudley Headquarters in Oklahoma City, Russell Shaw. Russel shares his professional journey from architect to landman, becoming an integral part of Dudley Land, and staying in the game even after retirement.

Time Stamps

  • 00:38 - Intro to Russell Shaw
  • 03:22 - How Russel Got His Start in Land
  • 06:53 - Russell's Career Journey with Dudley Land
  • 12:54 - Biggest Lessons That Steve Learned From Russell
  • 14:32 - Dudley Land Company’s Management Program
  • 18:26 - What Makes a Good Project Manager?
  • 21:33 - Think Like a VP
  • 23:54 - Industry Takeaways While Working for Dudley
  • 25:42 - Russell's Post-Retirement Journey
  • 29:38 - A Look Into the Land Industry's Future
  • 32:21 - A Rewarding Part of the Land Industry
  • 33:44 - Episode Outro

Snippets From The Episode

  • “Everybody's different underneath you, and who works with you, so you can't go in with an all-in-one attitude.” - Steve Carr
  • “I think being a very good manager takes a lot of mistakes.” - Steve Carr
  • “I just don't like surprises. Whenever there's a problem, I want to know about it as soon as it starts.” - Russell Shaw
  • “You have to be able to rely on the people above you, just as the people above you need to be able to rely on you.” - Steve Carr
  • “I'm a competitive person, But you know, I never had my hand out; I had my hand up volunteering for things.” -Russell Shaw
  • “Regardless of the company or the business, people in leadership positions are always gonna go to the people that provide the least amount of resistance and the most help. “ -Russell Shaw
  • “Working doesn't keep me from doing anything else that I want to do.” - Russell Shaw
  • “Your five closest friends, if three of 'em aren't landmen, you're gonna have a difficult time making a career out of this.” -Russell Shaw


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