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TLD 009 - From Broker to VP of Land with Jack Clark

Published on
March 23, 2023
Jack Clark
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Jack Clark, VP of Land at Derby Exploration, shares his journey from landman to broker to VP of Land in this episode of The Land Department podcast. He shares his experiences and lessons learned from the ground up, including the ups and downs he faced along the way. 

Time Stamps

  • 00:37 - How Brandon Met Jack Clark
  • 05:33 - How Jack Got His Start in the Land Industry
  • 10:13 - From Landman to Broker
  • 17:54 - From Broker to In-house Landman
  • 21:25 - What In-house Landmen Can Learn from Being in the Field
  • 24:13 - What Field Landmen Can Learn from In-house Landmen
  • 29:24 - Changes in the Land Industry Over the Years
  • 36:20 - The Future of the Land Industry
  • 38:15 - Oil and Gas Market Forecast in Relation to Land Work
  • 45:06 - Jack's Future Plans

Snippets From The Episode

  • "Dudley Land Company was the bar of excellence. They were doing things before everybody else, and they were just a big brokerage firm, and they did excellent work.” - Jack Clark
  • I think what Dudley Land has done through history is diversified themselves enough, whether that be by region or by type of work, or by training landmen to do different things to stay relevant.” - Brandon Ward
  •  “If a guy really wants to be a land man, contractor, even in-house, you'll never go wrong by continually striving to improve your title skills.” - Jack Clark
  • “I think there are two things that we like to talk to our clients about right up front: “What are you trying to do?” & “What's your goal?” - Brandon Ward
  • “You got so much technology, so much information today that's available to you. You need to be pretty good at mining that information and analyzing it.” - Jack Clark
  • “The more skill set you've got, the more arrows you can put in your quiver.” - Jack Clark


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