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TLD 007 - How to Manage Leasing Projects with William Fricker

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William Fricker
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Having the right people on your team is critical when managing leasing projects. William Fricker and Brent Broussard discuss what makes a great in-house landman to land broker partnership and how to add value to any leasing project.

Time Stamps

  • 00:32 - Introduction to William Fricker
  • 01:28 - William's Landman Background
  • 06:11 - The Value a Qualified Broker Brings to a Leasing Project
  • 09:53 - Broker Red Flags & Green Flags
  • 20:05 - What to Expect From a Qualified Land Broker
  • 27:18 - Managing Commitments & Expectations on a Leasing Project
  • 36:55 - What Young Landmen Can Learn From Doing Field Work
  • 42:18 - Training Qualified Brokers
  • 47:45 - Structuring Your Team For a Leasing Project
  • 50:49 - Get in Touch With William Fricker

Snippets From The Episode

  • "It's all about connections and communication and you just wind up working for and with people that you know and trust." - William Fricker
  • "We care about what we, and who we work for, and the product that we put out. And I think that's how it needs to be. And that's how you stay in this business this long." - William Fricker
  • "You have to be thinking proactively. You can't live off a reaction to whatever's coming. The more you can plan, the more experience you have, the deeper bench you have, the better." - Brent Broussard
  • "Your broker is there to keep you out of the ditch." - William Fricker
  • "If you feel like you have to email everything to cover your butt, man, that's an unhealthy relationship." - Brent Broussard
  • "You have to fight that urge to show progress, as opposed to show progress with some accuracy." - Brent Broussard
  • "This business is all about relationships." - William Fricker
  • "I think it's a compliment to your brokerage service if you have a guy that gets poached because you're doing things right." - William Fricker


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