Cocktail Hour
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TLD 005 - Christmas Cocktail Hour

Published on
January 6, 2023
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It's Cocktail Hour once again for Dudley's executive leadership! As the holidays approach, Brent Broussard, Steve Carr, and Brandon Ward discuss Dudley's 2022 highlights, land and energy industry trends, and their forecast and predictions for the coming year.

Time Stamps
  • 01:06 - Christmas Plans
  • 03:58 - 2022 Dudley Highlights
  • 07:50 - Industry Trends
  • 10:47 - Biggest Challenges this Year
  • 16:15 - Industry Forecast for the Coming Year
  • 18:43 - Dudley’s 2023 Goals
  • 24:15 - Year-end Message

Dudley’s Year-end Recap & 2023 Forecast
  • “[Budgets are] going to get tough on oil and gas projects because the green space, they're going hard. They're rowing that boat fast and they're willing to get it done today and get with good land agents. So the trend's headed that way.” - Brandon Ward
  • “In 2022 we were seeing probably one to two new contacts, new potential clients coming through the door on a weekly basis. I don't think 2023 is gonna be much different than that. I see us doing a much larger outreach to those groups, especially now that we have the utility division and they're kind of intertwined together. I see the consolidation of these groups probably 2024, 2025, later down the road. So I, think the more exposure we can get to the mass of companies, the better.” -Steve Carr
  • “Looking back, I think this will be the year that we all figured out or learned where else we can apply our skills. And it's a great thing for a field landman, the more experience you have and the more diverse you can be, the better.” - Brent Broussard

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