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TLD 004 - Renewables with Steve Carr and Grant Stetz

Published on
January 9, 2023
Grant Stetz
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Renewables have always had great potential, but we are only now beginning to see their benefits. Listen in as Steve Carr and Grant Stetz discuss the future of renewables and why renewable energy is just as vital as oil and gas. 

Time Stamps
  • 01:53 - Intro to Steve Carr
  • 03:34 - Intro to Grant Stetz
  • 05:26 - Why Renewable Energy is Important
  • 11:10 - Renewables vs. Oil & Gas Land Work 
  • 13:08 - EV Charging & Solar
  • 21:29 - Misconceptions from Renewables Clients 
  • 24:32 - Misconceptions from Land Men
  • 26:43 - Educating People About Renewables
  • 31:26 - The Future of Renewables Land Work
  • 35:27 - Dudley on Renewables Education

Snippets About Renewables
  • "I can't imagine an area right now that has a higher growth. Projection than renewables in the land industry." - Grant Stetz
  • “You can't just have oil and gas; you need a mix of energy sources.”  - Steve Carr
  •  “There's so much money out there and opportunity in the renewable side.” - Grant Stetz
  • “When we first got into this industry of the renewables, a lot of folks had very high expectations that things were gonna get done very quickly, and when there's a human element that's involved, it takes time. You need to build relationships.”  - Steve Carr


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