Cocktail Hour
Oil & Gas

TLD 001 - Keeping Up With Demand

Published on
September 27, 2022
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In our first episode of The Land Department Podcast, Dudley Land's executive leadership introduce cocktails to their roundtable discussion. With the increases in activity across energy industries, more business comes with its own set of challenges. Listen in as Brent Broussard, Steve Carr, and Brandon Ward discuss the state of land and energy as we see it.

Show Notes

00:00 - Intro - College Football Kickoff
03:08 - Recent Oil & Gas Activity
07:17 - Workforce Challenges with Increased Activity
17:46 - Dudley Hiring in Renewables
20:15 - Inflation Reduction Act
26:59 - Growing Land Work in Renewables
30:05 - Upcoming Pipeline Projects
34:20 - Predictions for the Rest of 2022
43:22 - NFL Kickoff

Snippets About The State Of Land

“It's gonna be very competitive for good landmen. We have weekly meetings with our staff about ‘don't you dare let anybody go without a day of work.’ There's plenty of opportunity. You can't afford to have someone be in between jobs because they're gonna get sniped.” - Brent Broussard

“Good people are really hard to find right now. They’re not hard to keep, but they’re very hard to find.”

“That's gonna be the thing of our careers. We all talk about as service providers, ‘what industries did we work in?’ We're an oil and gas service provider, but the renewable space needs landmen. They need people with expertise and experience.” - Brent Broussard

“When you talk about the carbon space, you’re not just talking about a seven hundred acre solar farm. You're talking about tens of thousands of acres, hundreds of landowners, pipelines, etc. It's all land related activity, which is really exciting for us.” - Steve Carr

“As soon as the [Inflation Reduction Act] was passed, it was no less than 10 phone calls on new projects from wind companies, solar companies, and carbon capture companies wanting to get to work.” - Brandon Ward

“A lot of renewables groups don't know that companies like us exist.” - Steve Carr

“The encouraging thing is we're not seeing this berserk, bonkers growth. We're not seeing private equity throw billions of dollars at the oil and gas space. Good steady growth, disciplined activity by our clients. That's all encouraging.” - Brent Broussard

“There's nothing cleaner than natural gas, nothing. I feel like our political leaders and leaders around the world are starting to come to that conclusion.” - Brandon Ward