TLD 008 - Introducing Dudley Utility Services with Jonathan Lochner

Published on
March 17, 2023
Jonathan Lochner
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As diversification opportunities in the energy sector emerge, Dudley Land Company strengthens its Utilities Division to provide solid, cost-effective real estate solutions to energy projects. Jonathan Lockner, Program Manager at Dudley Utilities Division, joins Steve Carr to discuss how it all began, their 2023 goals, and why you should choose Dudley for your next Utility project.

Time Stamps

  • 00:43 - Dudley's Diversification in the Energy Space
  • 02:00 - Intro to Jonathan Lochner
  • 03:16 - Why Dudley Started The Utilities Division
  • 04:53 - Decisions that Enabled Team Growth
  • 05:44 - Close, Move, Communicate
  • 08:08 - Dudley's Culture & Core Values
  • 11:11 - Bringing in a Business Development Manager
  • 13:17 - Dudley Utility Services' Target Projects 
  • 16:41 - What's Different About the Dudley Land Company Agents?
  • 18:27 - Project Challenges That Developers Face
  • 20:14 - Operating Out of the Comfort Zone
  • 22:04 - Flexibility & Openness to a Variety of Solutions
  • 24:35 - Dudley Utilities Division 2023 Goals

Snippets From The Episode

  • "We're looking at efficiencies rather than just running around like chickens with our heads cut off. So it's been good to reflect back on those days and use that information as we move forward." -Steve Carr
  • "There's a lot that the client wants to see our agents doing and being capable of, but at the end of the day, if they can't close, if they can't get ink on paper, they're really not gonna be a lot of use to us cause they're not gonna be a lot of use to our clients." -Jonathan Lochner
  • "You have to be nimble, you have to be agile, you have to be able to prioritize and then turn around the next day and reprioritize and move forward." -Jonathan Lochner
  • "We have a lot of tools at our disposal now that we didn't have when I first started doing this work. So we are always trying to take advantage of those. We're not married to any specific technology platforms or GIS platforms. Our whole thing is being able to deploy multiple, and we need guys that understand that that's the plan." -Jonathan Lochner
  • "We're gonna tailor suit what we're doing to the client's needs project by project, and be flexible in ways that other groups simply aren't willing or able to do." - Jonathan Lochner
  • "You need some very good conflict in order to come up with good solutions." -Steve Carr
  • "People that are motivated want to work with other people that are motivated." -Jonathan Lochner
  • "Culture to me is not the screensavers that companies force to flash across your desk every day when you open your work computer. It's people that are highly skilled wanting to work with you because they see what you're doing and want to be a part of it." -Jonathan Lochner
  • "You don't have to go recruiting if you have a good product and a good company to work for." -Steve Carr


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Dudley Utilities Division

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